"A Rear That Wants to be SEEN!"

Application Instructions

  1. Make sure the tread plate surface area is clean. Wash with soap and water if needed. Clean the area with Acetone and make sure surface area is DRY.

  2. Using color dry erase or washable markers, start placing marks on the tread plate to lay out your stripe, number or configuration before actually installing any SCENEdots. This will eliminate any errors and save time.

  3. After you have your pattern laid out with your marker, simply peel and stick each reflective SCENEdot using the correct color. FIRMLY press each dot into place making sure that the entire surface area including the outer edge is completely sealed. This is VERY IMPORTANT!

  4. If you need to remove any SCENEdots. Use a heat gun or hair dryer to loosen up the adhesive and scrape off the dot using thumb nail or a plastic scraper. Once the dot has been removed, use Acetone* to remove the remaining adhesive glue if needed.

    DO NOT use 3M adhesive remover or paint thinner. If these products come in contact with the existing dots, they will become soft and be discolored.

*Recommended Acetone: Klean-Strip Acetone / Part No. QAC718 / Auto Zone

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